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We offer full services for both sales and purchase of asset.


PLSAsset Acquisition                                                                                                                                                                           We are dedicated to searching, evaluating and selecting Investments in Real Estate projects, in order to offer our clients an investment property alternative that guarantees an attractive profitability according to market conditions.

We support real estate groups and private investors in raising capital from investment funds to finance their real estate and construction projects. Just as we work with traditional financial institutions the financing of the purchase of assets.

PLSInterrelation with developers, construction companies and investment funds
The experience accumulated over the last 17 years, and our presence in the national and international market, is essential to provide adequate customer service, in which we can provide all operators involved in the operation. During all these   years we have developed relationships with the main developers and investment funds that have their focus in Spain, especially in the Canary Islands.

PLSLegal advice (through third parties)
If you need legal advice, we can facilitate you the details of a great team of professionals ready to help you to solve any problems which may arise during the process.


Generating Investment Opportunities
Creation of investment opportunities, which together with our positioning in the industry, allows us to access more frequently operations that are outside the market.


If what you want us is to manage the sale of your asset, company, hotel, etc… get in contact with us and we will search for the best customer.